An Ode to Red.

You have blinded me.  


You have tainted my understanding of the ordinary.  

You have spoiled my experience of the everyday, polluted my being at ease with the common. 


Your superficial shine has made a promise of a more event-full daily life.   

Your intensity and vibrating energy have cut through any serenity like a freshly sharpened knife. 


Your outspoken character and eye-catching posture have taken all the visibility there ever was - 

You have robbed the grey from all the eyes that it still had left looking at it. 

You gave it no chance, you were not a fair opponent, a selfish one - 

There even was no point for competing. 


You have convinced yourself of your desirability. 

You have convinced us, 

You have confused me - 

I believed, went running on empty for a while. 


And when I dropped, both running and believing, I saw through 


the depth and density you said you were carrying - they were only an illusion.  

They were a lie which suggested that you were in possession of the better, the more alive.  

A lie which just like you is an artificial matter, a delusion, a manipulative filter - so please just 



silencing the ordinary, 

polluting the space, 

stealing our time with a promise that there is a prettier one to come! 

June 2021, Antwerp