On future.

As it is now clear from the ecological crisis, one’s future and one’s prospect (if one takes on board these two words) bear almost no resemblance to one another”.   

from An Attempt at a “Compositionist Manifesto” Bruno Latour 


Writer's room.  

A workshop. A proposal initiated by Sebastien Hendrickx to think, share, create and write together. To give space to an individual in order to form a collective. An attempt to create a collage of many voices, thoughts and questions. A sort of lab which, with its starting question of what is a good life in times of climate catastrophe? has in me triggered an avalanche of questions not necessarily to be answered within the given time of the workshop yet very necessary to be carried within.

What do we consider to be our future? Are we in charge of our future or does it happen to us? What do we actually call future? Which place and what time on one’s timeline does this future actually occupy? Is it a run away from the past? A far out projection which disconnects us from the obstacles of the now? A very concentrated presence, a focus point that we are all rushing towards and which blinds us from seeing things for what they currently are? From recognising directions these things are currently heading into? Or is future just a composition of many prospects? Prospects which are much closer to us then the far away, neon-lit goal that the word ‘future’ seems to imply? Prospects whose form and direction can actually be shaped by us, by our hands? Forms and directions which, instead of taking them for granted and feeling as if they were imposed upon us, WE slowly can create TOGETHER? Which WE can compose TOGETHER? In OUR OWN time and on OUR terms?! 

It is on us now. It is on us to realise that we are not under, just because there is no above 

One level only, a collage.  

Made out of soil, water, us, team members, the sun. 

Our time, Our rhythm, Our care, 

For each other.  


Kinga JaczewskaImpressions from Writer’s Room by S. Hendrickx (DeSingel 3/3/2020.)