project life.

                                                                                                                                                                     (photo Kinga Jaczewska)

I am now in my living room thinking of what remains when all the 'project'-ed roles go away.  
I am now in my own timebeing and doing but as nobody and under nobody's name 
Except of my own name I have no other functionProject Life is not defined by its functions. 
Project Life is what happens in between deadlines and born lines of other projects. 
Project Life is what is at all times present and at most times overlooked.  
Project Life is the meantime mistaken for the wasted time. 
It is the pale foundation to all that's vivid.   
It is the 'nothing special' between all that's special. 
An interval where nothing happens, unless something does.  

And a lot does, 

But that which is not illuminated is not visible is not valid, 
And the eye is already focused on a projection of the eventful future. 
Project Future offers function that socially and finally reads as Somebody.  
Somebody you could be defined as for 4,5 weeks of your time  
Finally and shortly Project Life will get suspended and you get to be.  
Robbed of the present; accelerating towards the temporary identity.

January 2018.